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Coco-Cola Dreaming

I’m training for a ½ Ironman race in Venice Florida October 28th so my weekends for the next few months will be very predictable.   Long ride on Saturday, long run on Sunday, repeat until a couple weeks before the race.   There you have it.   This past Saturday I didn’t get out for the ride till later in the day and headed generally north.   Figured I would just head 22.5 miles where ever I felt like it, turn around and head home.   Had two large water bottles on the bike and figured I could make it on just that.   Turns out that was a bad idea.   I ended up riding through the small town of Mecca which I don’t normally ride to.   They have a monster hill just on the other side of town that knocked my energy level down a full notch.   Soon that road meets back up with highway 41.   Though about turning around there, but noticed a road I‘ve never ridden before heading south toward home (325W specifically).   So what the heck I headed down it.   About 3 miles down the road it turned

Alpha Male on the Trail

Yesterday morning while I was riding into work I was just about to turn on the Heritage Trail I noticed another rider whom I have had some past history with.   Maybe two years previous riding down the trail to work I happened to pass him just cruising along when he apparently considered it either an insult or a challenge and he made the effort to pick up his pace and pass me back.   Found that a bit humorous, but no big deal I just let him do it.   Turned out to be a mistake, just as he got to the end of the trail thinking he was way in front of me he proceeded to do a slow U-turn and head back.   Just riding my own pace I was right behind him and except for a last second effort to throw the bike hard left I would have T-boned him.   Considering his past history of trying to play Alpha Male I figured he would do the exact same tactic.   With that in mind I decided to pass him quickly and just hold a hard pace for the 3 miles or so to the end of the trail.   Of course Alpha Ma