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What does these two seemingly dissimilar people Rosaria Butterfield & Nabeel Qureshi have in Close Common? Read on:

Rosaria Butterfield & Nabeel Qureshi Very Different Yet Similar Stories         They made a 180 conversion in their worldview after they earned a doctorate degree         It took years for them to make it         They lost a lot of friends, family or associates, even made real enemy’s in the process         They had a close friend come alongside them in a non-judgmental way that made all the difference         They were ultimately interest in truth         They published a rather explosive book about the experience         The chance that they would make this radical conversion seemed off the charts Dr. Rosaria Butterfield :  As a professor of English and women's studies, on the track to becoming a tenured radical, I cared about morality, justice, and compassion. Fervent for the worldviews of Freud, Hegel, Marx, and Darwin, I strove to stand with the disempowered. I valued morality. And I probably could have stomached Jesus and his band of wa