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Top 10 Tips to Prepare for Your First triathlon

First triathlon can be a daunting experience.  Here are 10 tips to make it go as smooth as possible. 1. Take the mystery out of the race with mini race sessions including transitions.  These should be short swim/bike sessions, or bike/run sessions.  Be sure to practice the transitions multiple times.  On the day before the race do one of these, just keep it very short like 3 mile bike and 1 mile run. 2. Get as familiar with the actual race course as possible.  First thing a professional triathlete would do is know the course.  What sight lines to follow in the swim, how transitions are laid out, and what obstacles could exist?  Follow their lead and do the same. 3. Practice the swim in race conditions with or without a wetsuit depending on what you will race in.  If the swim is a pool or open water you need to practice in similar conditions.  Use the same swim gear you plan to race with.  If open water get out in it, but not by yourself.  Bring a kayaker and prac