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Endeavor to Adventure, Rev3 Venice

Last spring when Rev3 announced the season ending race in Venice Florida at the end of October, I planned to enter. Same location as our family get together in October the last two years. Sisters and brother said they would come and the race was on. Arrived just in time for the far edge of hurricane Sandy to stir up some serious waves. Day one at Venice I hit the beach for a practice swim in the angry ocean. Had a great talk with lifeguard Jamie Who gave me some good advice before venturing the waves. Try as I might I couldn't swim north into the current for anything. Had a good feeling the swim would get canceled with the crazy wind, waves and currents. No way to swim a straight line. Two days later on race morning with the wind still whipping 20 to 30 mph the swim did get canceled, so just the 56 mile bike and 13 mile run. Cake walk right :) Started in number order one every 3 seconds, basically by age so I got to meet all the other 50-54 guys. Nice bunch for sure. Got to r

Glow Run 5K

Last night the ISU campus sponsored a “Glow Run 5k” that benefited Habitat for Humanity so I joined in.  Needed to do a speed workout this week anyway so I just thought I would make that it.  My plan was to treat it like a typical workout so I got in a good swim at lunch and just did my normal thing like any other day.  Good and bad, but I had a meeting after work that included a really nice dinner so I participate in that to (nothing like a speed workout on a full stomach).  Probably finished dinner around 6 PM, made it home to change clothes and back on campus at 6:45 PM to register for the race.  Thankfully it didn't start till 7:30 so I had a bit of time.  My plan was to start easy, run the middle section full speed and then coast it in to the finish as a cool down.  The start went pretty much like that, and after the first ½ mile I was going race pace (makes it fun to pass people that way).  The whole glow run theme was kind of fun running at night.  Only downside is you