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Mama didn’t make the Thunder in the Valley Triathlon but …

This past Saturday was the 30 th anniversary of the Thunder in the Valley, Terre Haute Triathlon.   Mama wasn’t there to see it, she’s in heaven, but I think she made arrangements.  I’ll explain. Sometimes days just come together like they were made that way, or perhaps helped along.  This is my favorite event on the calendar, kind of like Christmas in spring time for me.  I get to do what I like to do, at a park that I like, and with people I like.  My family is there, and we had a couple of special guest that I like.  All in all, everyone should be so fortunate.  The event started with a dinner with 6 times Ironman World Champion Dave Scott, my wife Sherrie, Ethan Page, Ron Page and another guest to the event.  Fun times just hanging out and enjoying a Thursday evening.  Friday Dave put on a swim/run clinic at Hawthorn Park, and I got to swim the course a day in advance.  Nice opportunity to get some needed swim tips, and practice my sighting on the actual swim course.  Sw