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Million Dollar Race Horse

Spent last week at Camp of the Woods Canada and happened to hear a very interesting comment by an older gentleman just after the evening meal.  He asked if anyone owned a Million Dollar Race Horse.  Of course none did and he went on to relate how your body is worth more than such an animal and how do you treat it?  His statement seemed a simple yet straight forward question to consider.  To be honest I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Just for fun I looked that statement up in Google and found the correlating story by Zig Ziglar    Hard to argue with the concept.  Finding a proper balance on diet, exercise, stress and such factors is often overlooked.  Yet few things are more important. On a related note, we had a fairly scripted schedule during camp, but they always made time to stop and meditate on what God has for you today.  We had 75 cord of wood to cut and stack so we were generally anxious to get to work.  However, what blessing were we missing by just thinkin