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Lake Lemon Triathlon 9/21/09

Lake Lemon triathlon was this past Saturday. My good friend Greg Lucas who put on the Terre Haute Triathlon for years had his son Brandon serving as the race director. With that in mind I was the #2 person to sign-up and got to wear that number during the race. Kind of cool, but guess my number next year will be more like #15, but more on that to come. It started for me on Friday morning when I made the trip over with Greg to help setup the course. I took care of the swim course and helped out with the transition area. Set the swim during the mid day, and used yellow buoys on the turns. A yellow buoy on the last turn worked out to be a bad decision. As the sun came up at the end of the long straight race morning it made seeing a yellow buoy really difficult. Live and learn, won’t do that again. Seemed just fine when I swam the course Friday afternoon … Race morning I drove over with Mike Calawerts my Spinning class instructor and friend. Greg had a separate bike rack just