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Team Berlin

First and foremost this trip to Berlin has been about furthering the cause of Christ. It seems also though every mission trip has a built in education component. This one has been an education on war and peace. After walking through the brandenburg gate, witnessing the memorial to the murdered Jews, standing over top of hitlers bunker, and the site of the book burning I came away with one conclusion. That is war is based almost completely on arrogance. Thoughts like I/we are superior to you, I/we want to make a great name for ourselves, and if you do not abide with that decision we will use all forces at our disposal. The sad fact is Berlin is full of beautiful cathedrals. Yet most of them were built as show places, not to further the cause of Christ. However encouraging signs are also in evidence. Just behind our missionaries home exists a running and cycling trail on ground that just 20 years ago held the Berlin wall. Berlin in no way seems to cover up its brutal past. Lesso