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My Life as a Zombie

Looking down the forest trail I can see packs of the living headed my way.  Taking a glance at my fellow zombies in the area we know immediately we need to converge together on the living to find success.  We hide, they come closer, and finally we pounce.  Drats, no success they sprinted away from us in a group and were much harder to catch than I anticipated.  Guess we will just have to improve our tactics for the next bunch headed our way.  I catch my breath after the all-out sprint and prepare.  Hide myself within the deep forest and wait.  Life among the walking dead is harder than I thought. Not on the movie set of the hit TV show the Walking Dead, I was playing a zombie for the Cross Roads Events 5k Zombie Survival Run this past weekend.  Playing along as zombies were my wife Sherrie, sister in-law Lori, brother in-law Jim, my niece Olivia, her boyfriend Zach, and all of the Page family.   In total we were among 30 zombies trying to catch flags off the belts of participants cr