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"Paul Asay Takes a Cheap Shot"

Back when Sherrie and I were dating I was over for dinner at their house and accidently kicked over a glass of water.  Her aunt made a big pronouncement that “Paul Asay spilt the water”.  Since then it has been a running joke when you make a small mistake to make a big pronouncement about it by saying your name and whatever you just did.  So thinking about the George Rogers Clark Trace Run this past weekend, I’m trying to decide if what I did was a big pronouncement deal, or a real mistake.  Here is the story: One of the friends I run with here at work, Don was headed down to Vincennes for the 10 mile run they have each year.  This was the 40 th year of the race and for whatever reason I've never run it.  Don asked me if I wanted to ride down with him, so just to be sociable I said I would.  I've only done one long-run all winter, and that was just two weeks ago, so I was really in no shape to race 10 miles.  I did my normal workouts on Friday (bike in the AM, swim at lu