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Goal Setting 2012

Being a goal setter, I like to have a good idea what my goals are for the upcoming year before it gets here.   Specifically have in mind for triathlon this year to focus on 3 events, Rev3 Olympic distance race in Knoxville in May, Rev3 ½ Ironman distance Wisconsin Dells in August and Rev3 ½ Ironman distance in Venice Florida in October.   They are fairly well spaced out which may be good is some respects, but does kind of preclude me from being in peak shape for one big event.   I’ve also not completed two ½ Ironman distances in the same year, so that will be a challenge.   Just thinking about two of those will make for maybe more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I also have several non-triathlon specific goals, trying not to put everything in one basket.   One of my highlights this year was going on two short-term mission trips, one to Haiti, and one to Berlin Germany.     Those trips were just so rewarding.   Just traveling in general this past year I probably wen