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Columbus Challenge Sprint Triathlon

In my continuing quest to not sit still I participated I the 16 th annual Columbus Challenge Sprint Triathlon this past weekend.   This is my second time I’ve entered this event, but the last time was years ago.   Had the company of Ethan Page so nice to have someone to talk to for the two hour trip over.   About 5 am I headed out the door, picked up Ethan and off we went.   Got there a bit late and the transition area was really full near the front so we had to settle for a spot near the back corner.   They switched the swim start to a time-trail, (one at a time start) from a wave start so that actually turned out very well.   Liked running into the water from the beach and no big group to deal with at the start.   Just by signing up earlier than Ethan I started 74 th and he started 100 th .   The swim is roughly a half mile triangle in Tipton Lake which is a very nice neighborhood.   The only down side was the course was not marked very well and navigation was a bit rough