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Hike 2012, the Results

Night hike, version 3 results are in, and it was just about what we thought it would be, but with a strange twist this year.   Eight of us participated including my youngest son Jacob.   We took off from T.H. around 5:15, picked up Ethan in Bloomington and decided to have dinner at Opie Taylor’s.    Nothing like some major meat and potatoes before long hike, this was the place for that.   By the time we left the restaurant the freezing rain was making havoc of the streets.   We found this out first hand when the suburban we were traveling started sliding going down a hill outside Bloomington and toward Nashville.   By the time we slowed down at the bottom of the hill at least 6 cars had just slide off that section of road and in dire need of a tow truck. Made it nice and slow down to the gravel road where we turn off to park.   On with the boots, extra warm stuff, backpacks, lights and the like as we headed up the hill for the real adventure to begin.   Wasn’t really that bad

Night Hikes in January

The last couple of January’s a small group of us have gone on a long night hike after work into a remote cabin in Brown County that Doug Millers family owns.   The last two years we went it has been the coldest and snowiest day of the winter.   Tonight we head out for hike version 3 and they are predicting an ice storm.   In other words timing couldn’t be better.   You might ask why go for a long hike in January, at night, with no trail, freezing cold and ice and snow?   Did I mention the cabin has no electricity, bathroom, or running water?   Why not we say, you can only stay inside and watch Jeopardy so many times before going stir crazy.   Have to make the best of what you got right? Anyway, the company is good and we generally eat a lot even though we have to pack it in ourselves.    When we first arrive the cabin is ice cold, but a wood stove once going makes for some great heat. By the time we wake up in the morning the cabin is cold again until someone volunteers