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Happy Birthday Sandy

Sandy is sometimes not only my big sister, but also like a second mom. She is always been there for me when things get tough or go wrong. Someone you can depend on wither close by or far removed. When I was a just a little kid she was off to college.   I remember her as a reader and I was left inspired.   She would return home and stay for a while.   She owned a Ford Torino and traveled in style.  For me she always had a smile. Before you know it she was off and married to Ron.   I missed their wedding when my camping trip took too long.   Not much time passed before they moved to Miami and were gone.     But we got to visit them where it was sunny and warm. After basic training who would think it but down to Miami I was sent along.    They took me to the beach and let me tag along.   My fiends missed their families, but I tried not to gloat.   Mine lived just down the road and owned a ski boat. Got orders for Germany and we parted again.   Yet Sandy wrote me letters and remaine

Cold, Windy, and a Chance of Dog

The training schedule today called for a 40 mile ride.   Took a look out the kitchen window to see the thermometer reading 38 degrees.   Nice and windy as well with the flags flying straight from the northeast.   It’s March and I not really looking forward to another long turbo trainer ride inside, so the choice is made.   Dress warm and put a large scoop of electrolite/carbo powder in the water bottle and headed for the door. Best way I could think to approach the ride was to head straight into the wind for the first 20 miles north east, so that would take me to the covered bridge with the waterfall running under it in the heart of Bridgeton.   As soon as I got of the neighborhood and hit the wind, my thoughts of success already were running a bit low.  Didn’t know if was really up for this, but I was determined to try. Made it up to Rosedale and out some nice scenic roads before the first dog chase of the day began.  Part of cycling in Indiana back roads is the inevitable meetings

Triathlon and the World of Design

I’ve been working on a side project for pro-triathlete, Daniel Bretscher designing his logo and uniform for the upcoming 2011 season.   The logo has been ready for a while and this week we started on the uniform design.   Initially we started with orange and white as the primary colors, but it ended up red, black and white somewhere in the design process.   Somehow you never know what the end result will be starting out; you just sort of arrive there after trial and error. It would make an interesting video clip to show all the designs and finally morph it into the final one.   We probably did 20 before it was a go.   Designing uniforms and logos was much like the process of designing a new website.   You try it, alter it, and try something else till everyone gives it thumbs up.    We are working with Champion Systems for the final product.  It may get altered a bit by the time we are finished with the printing, but we should be really close. Hopef