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2 Mile Food Pile Race

Yesterday evening I participated in the first annual “2 Mile Food Pile” race on campus.   My friend Mike was the race director, and it was for a good cause, so why not.   It didn’t really sound that hard, fill up a backpack with 10 + pounds of food to donate to Catholic Charities, run 1 mile with the backpack on, empty the contents in a barrel and run the mile back with an empty backpack.   Turned out the run was a lot tougher than I thought.   Having run a hard 7 mile interval the day before, swimming afterwards, and swimming at lunch before the race wasn’t exactly the best preparation.   Not to worry, I figured I would just run easy and make a nice day of it.   All sounds good till you line up and the gun goes off.   From there it was a mad sprint among the 60 participants.   Not wanting to look too slow I took off hard as well.   Only thing was my backpack was a little too big and didn’t stay tight on my back.   Basically it was moving all over the place and really hard to run