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Life in the Swim Lane

My experience with swimming didn’t really start till I was almost 30. These days however I’m starting to spend some quality time in the pool lane lines. I remember in high school when I was taking Advanced, Advanced PE, (yes that’s correct) we did a President’s Physical Fitness Test and I could do everything except for the swim. One lap of the pool and I was completely done. That didn’t change until a few months before I turned 30. With a stress fracture from too much running and a friend who was a former swimmer headed me to the pool for an introduction. My lap swimming experience began at the Sisters of St. Benedict pool in Beech Grove. How is that for a blessed start? My swim stroke is still on the rough side, my kick is not good, and while I may claim a bit of natural cycling and running ability, I make zero claims for that in swimming. However, I have really begun to enjoy the swim time. Probably my most positive memory of swimming is completing a lap in the lake at a H