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Neither Sand nor Wind nor Cold

Had a decent ride in this morning with Tom Patterson. Maybe 34 degrees, windy, but atleast the sun was shining. Seems like I was riding fairly hard but only going 15. The wind was blowing more than I thought. We headed into the wind, and had the advantage of it on the way back in. Got in 32 miles and for the day it was a good effort. Had a close call with sand in the corner while making a turn for home. Thankfull I got it stopped before heading toward a ditch. Part of living in the cold where sand on the road is great to deal with ice, but not so friendly toward a skinny tired bike. Determination is required in this sport especially this time of year. Makes you apprecaite the warm summer days with a gentle breeze. If you don't contain some fair amount of grit, you would stay home and watch spongebob.

Swimming, or oh that hurt!

Well I ran the other night for the first time since my crash with mister boxer dog, and it was okay as long as I ran easy. Just did a couple of miles. Had some sore ribs in the morning, but I can deal with that. Since running was okay, how about swimming? Yesterday after work I attempted it, but ouch that hurt. Just too much pressure on the rib cage. Got in 500 painful yards, then called it. Guess that means back to the elliptical trainer and bike till it gets better. I also made the mistake of pulling myself out of the deep end like I normally do, I didn't want to cry in public, but came close ... Live in the spirit, ride like the wind, and don't take out a dog again. You heard it from me first

Cycling among the Snow Flakes

Brad came over after work and we got in a nice ride to Hawthorn Park and back. As soon as we started snow flakes started falling. It didn't seem cold enough to snow yet it did. I think he was nervous every time a dog was in the vicinity. Maybe something to do with my history of crashing into dogs at high speed. Guess he figured I was a marked man ... Rib feels a bit better, will likely try running or swimming in a day or two.

Back on the Trainer

After a easy day yesterday, I hit the bike trainer this morning along with Coach Troy Jacobson. Yeah, the DVD spinerval episode Hillacious. Just for fun I did it again in the evening. Made for a good day of cycling even if it was all inside.

Back on the Bike

After spending a week on the DL (disabled list) I was back in the gym this week which seemed to help my aching rib cage a bit. Took the brave step of getting the road bike out yesterday evening while Jared was at drivers ed. Gave me about an 1 hour and 1/2 to ride. Took it very easy and got in 24 miles. Had to ride just in the saddle and avoid any bumps as they really hurt. Probably did a bit too much since my rib is sore this morning. However, it was a beautiful evening and didn't want to waste it watching reruns of Ninja Warrior. Of course I like Ninja Warrior, but only so much. Yes, Makoto Nagano is the family hero, but he will be back tomorrow. Today is Good Friday so I plan to attend a couple of special services both here at ISU and First Baptist. Studying Galatians 5 this week and thinking about Living in the Spirit.

6 months from today ...

On September 20th the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships takes place near Portland Oregon. Just the month before I turn 50. Seems like a most logical goal is to see if I can be in the best possible shape to finish in the top 8 within the 50-54 age group. By doing so that would put me on the USAT Team for the World Age Group Championships held later in the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2009. My mission now that I have decided to accept it, is to pull out all the stops to make that team. In the next 6 months I have to run faster, swim faster and ride near world class for my age (to make up for my slower swim and run times). As of now I have a broken rib on my right side from a run in with a kamikaze dog, but otherwise in good health. My training was going well till February when I got the flu and my latest setback. However, all things considered I'm feeling positive. My thought now is to treat each day like I'm preparing for the Olympics. In a way I gues