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Goals for 2015

Like last winter I’ve had some calf muscle issues that have kept me out of any serious running most of the winter.  Nevertheless I’m still thinking positive about the upcoming triathlon season.  No reason I can’t still work on my swimming and cycling fitness, and overall health.  Seems they both help my running anyway.  With that in mind here are my goals for 2015: Compete in the Terre Haute Triathlon and try to win the 55+ age group Run sub 6:00 mile at the Mayor’s Cup Mile on July 4 Do at least 1 Xterra off-road triathlon in the summer Try to be at 100% fitness for the Lake Lemon (Monsterman) Triathlon in September and win my age group Finish a Gran Fondo (100 mile century ride) Last year I was part of the local Forward Motion Triathlon Team, and for 2015 it was renamed the Illiana Multisport Team.  They have a renewed focus for this year, and the team has really grown with the inclusion of a good group from Illinois.  Hopefully I can be a good representative of that t