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Lake Lemon Triathlon, Round 3

Raced the Lake Lemon (Bloomington, Indiana) triathlon this past weekend.   This has been an annual event for me the last three years since the race started.   The race serves as a close to the season so I like racing it for a variety of reasons, but somewhat sad this is my last one for the year.     Like years past I went down a day in advance with Greg Lucas and we did the race course setup.   Set the swim buoys for the course and the bike racks.   Greg’s son Tyler is one of the Race Directors so it’s a family affair.   Tyler and his fraternity at IU put this race on, and how many college fraternities could manage to run a non-profit triathlon, and keep it safe and organized?   Probably not many, so I like helping them out. Maybe the toughest part of the weekend was smelling the barbeque that was being held for the IU Swim Team while we were setting the swim course.   We ate peanut butter sandwiches while the team feasted and played volleyball.   We did our best to make

The Cricket

Had a cricket in the bathroom that drove us crazy for two nights we looked for him tried and hazy Last night at 5 AM I could take it no more Walked in the bathroom and closed the door Your mine Mr Cricket if I have to tear out the floor I finally found him and now he is no more Hiding under the towel I found him there Popped him on the head, figured that was fair for 2 nights of misery now all is square another night of that cricket I couldn't bear

Journey out of Gehenna

Just read about a man in Haiti who is currently a student at Mountain Top Missions with an interesting family history.   His story is probably not a unique story, but an interesting one from a perspective of where you come from.   In a school essay he described his mother as a "women of the night" from Cite Soleil before she died, and his father was a man of adultery.   Having been to Cite Soleil one can best describe it as a Hell on Earth.   For those that don't believe a literally Hell exists have not been to this city outside of Port-au-Prince.   First and foremost I would say that anyone who made it from such a hard background to being a student at Mountain Top Missions School is a blessed man.   His story should remind us all that one cannot control where you come from nor the DNA from which you exists.   However, I believe that every man has been blessed with the opportunity for a positive life of meaning, and ultimately through Christ a place in a glori