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Meet Ron Gierut & Lincoln Murdoch

For a little extra motivation to start the year here is a story I wrote this past fall on two friends of mine who among the absolute best (maybe the best) in the world at what they do.  That is swim bike and run.   Saturday August 18 th USA Triathlon Age Group Olympic Distance Championship, Sunday the 19 th Sprint Distance Championship, both races in the same Burlington Vermont location.  The most competitive age-group triathlon in the US.  Turns out I happen to personally know both of the champions in the 55-59 age group that emerged from each of those events.  Although I've met them at different times and places, know they have different personalities and backgrounds, and yet their experiences on that day were remarkably similar.  Thinking it would make an interesting contrast I asked them separately the same questions just to see how close their answers would be.  Introducing Ron Gierut Olympic Champion and Lincoln Murdoch Sprint Champion, both of whom I admire and respe