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Mountain Biking Brown County State Park

Had the opportunity to try out the mountain bike trails in Brown County State Park over the weekend.  Headed down with my friend Nick early on a Saturday.  Thinking the weather would be nice, the sun shining, and a decent winter day to give it my first try.  Turned out they actually had snow the night before, and we were in for an interesting surprise.  Snow or not, we didn't make the 1 ½ hour trip for nothing.  We arrived at the West Gate of the park, and headed to Hesitation Point for the trail head.  From here the trail takes you generally downhill toward the North Gate Entrance.   The trick is the first two miles are the “advanced” rated trail which then turns into mostly intermediate following.  Starting on the advanced with some snow on the ground was a bit intimidating.  However, it started well until the first hairpin turn maybe ½ mile in.  Having just switched to a 29er Trek Superfly 8, it gets a bit interesting making sharp turns with those bigger wheels.  This is

Madame Blueberry & Pioneer Days

I've met a character like Madame Blueberry from Veggie Tales fame, and I believe I’m looking at him in the mirror.  “ Though her butlers (portrayed by Bob and Larry) attend to her every whim, they find themselves unable to lift Blueberry out of her ever-present doldrums. The only happiness she seems to have comes from gazing at photographs of her neighbor's possessions".    The topic of Madame Blueberry came up this past weekend when we attended the evening Pioneer Days showcases at Fowler Park.  Somehow seeing the re-creation of a much simpler life convicted me of wanting too much.  Having recently purchased a much newer SUV and to top it off a nearly new mountain bike I am the guilty party.  All this before Christmas, do I feel convicted, well yes. One of my goals for 2014 was to learn and put into effect the word Guilelessness.  “The quality or state of being as simple and sincere”.  Seems I have not succeed well.  While I don’t have any tattoos or plan