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Little race Big competition

Saturday April 20th I pack the car with my Kestrel race bike. Grab cycling shoes, helmet and head toward Marshall Illinois for the Spring Break Biathlon. It's a small 3 mile run, 15 mile bike race that is very low key, but when the competition shows up it gets downright difficult. This just the second year of the event features several of my friends and teammates. Caleb Towles a very faster runner/cyclist (and swimmer) is at the top of the charts. Followed by Stan Strohm whom I've raced against for years and is about my same age. Then Tony Williams who eats Ironman for breakfast is ready and waiting. Doug Rees a cycling specialist is also there with his young son as a team. All of these guys I really like, but anytime we can get an inch on one another in competition you can bet we will. Lots of friendly talk between all of us, then i do a short warmup with Caleb on this crisp (read cold) sunny morning. When we get called to the line it gets a bit more focused, we w