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Short-Term Missions Canada

Traveling 1,000 miles with a group of 48 individuals from Indiana/Illinois to Camp of the Woods Canada doesn't happen quickly.  The weather when we arrived was rain, and lots of it.  Starting on Monday and continuing through Thursday the work was sometimes a bit oppressive.  Cutting and throwing logs onto a dump truck.  Rowing over to the other side of the lake and clearing trails.  Short-term missions are not particularly easy, not overly cheap, and take up some of my vacation time, but I love it.    Pouring yourself out like a drink offering to a valuable mission you will come back a better person, and that my friend is invaluable.  Would I do it again?  Yes, like tomorrow. A typical day at Camp of the Woods starts with a run at 6:30 A.M. with my good friends Nick and Tracy Sarris.  Oh yeah, and the camp dog Butterscotch.  Not like we don’t have a full day ahead, but this is a tradition we started on the first trip, and it wouldn't be camp if we didn't run.  2 miles