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Unexpected Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

Just returned from Camp of the Woods in northern Ontario Canada.  Sounds like its way north, well yeah it pretty much is.  Love going to this camp even if it is a long drive.  Some of my closest friends make the trip every year to help out the camp and get it ready for the kids coming during the summer.  Sure we did some good work, but mostly this is about investing time with friends in a great setting.  Not to mention you can run, bike and swim with whatever energy you have left.  This year I came away with the some interesting answers to life’s biggest questions.  Mostly thanks to a book I had the opportunity to read from Manhattans own Timothy Keller.  The book is titled “Unexpected Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions”.  I’ll cut to the chase and offer the best part of the book for me (page 29-30): “David Foster Wallace. He go to the top of his profession.  He was an award-winning, bestselling postmodern novelist known around the world for his boundary-pushing storytelling