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Gods Not Dead, Movie Review by the other Paul Asay

So I got the chance to see the movie “Gods Not Dead” and came away thinking I need to write about this.  You may know the more famous Paul Asay  who lives in Colorado and writes movie reviews for Focus on the Family, but I would be the other one.   With that in mind here is my take on the movie. First and foremost I not only really enjoyed it, I agree with it.  With the subject matter in mind, that means a lot.  When I saw the movie preview of a Christian college student taking on an Atheist Philosophy professor I knew it could turn in any number of ways.  Had a feeling it wouldn't fight fire with fire so to speak in the world of science.  However, it did, and much the same way I would approach the subject.   That alone made the movie for me.  However, I have to admit it turned very emotional in a number of areas that I think made it a very effective Christian themed movie as well.  Not the kind of movie to win any awards, but was it up front and to the point; most assuredly

Spring YES!!!

Today being the first official full day of Spring, I'm a new creature.  Feel a bit like a bear just coming out of hibernation.  Running outside again, cycling on roads and not sitting on a stationary trainer, oh how I've been looking forward to it.  The last time I broke 20 miles in a week of running was November until this week. First race is just 6 weeks away and until this week I was thinking it was going to be really rough.  However, my swim has improved, my run is returning back to a solid pace and cycling is starting to come around as well.  I think my body is getting allergic to cold.  Now that it's moving off I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders.  My sunglasses are out, I ran today in shorts and a t-shirt, before long I might even be able to swim outside again. Plan to start the season at St. Anthony's triathlon in St. Pete, then back to the Terre Haute Triathlon on May 17th.  Hope to make all 4 of the Crossroads Events triathlons this

Gravel Road Less Traveled

Between snow storms I was able to ride outside both of the last two Saturdays.  Last Saturday I got out the go fast machine and had some fun attempting to ride at speed.   Today I got out a new to me toy, my cyclecross bike and hit the trails.  This bike has had a few good owners previous to me.  It makes for pretty inexpensive fun riding the gravel trail in West Terre Haute. Probably make a nice ride to work bike as well.  One could honestly say I spoil myself rotten with bikes, but all of them together is less than one motorcycle. Well that's my excuse anyway. Kind of makes me feel like I was 10 again getting dirty and sweaty riding down back alleys.  Guess I haven't changed much (less the wrinkles anyway).   Next race is just 8 weeks away at St. Anthony's Triathlon in Florida.  Considering this winter it may not be very impressive, but I 'm planning on giving it my best.  If nothing else seeing what the sun looks like again will be worth the trip.