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Goal 200/10,000

With no running this week I thought I would see how much I can ride and swim. Riding into work today I came up on a guy coming out of the Heritage Apartments by the trail riding a rode bike with carbon tubulars. He had a full back pack and on was riding pretty quick. Don't see to many bike commuters riding a race setup like that. Just for fun I'm trying to get in 200 miles on the bike and 10,000 yards of swimming for the week. Maybe I'll make it maybe I won't, but worth a shot. Trying to keep the depression away from the thought of not being able to run for a good while.

Tough Month

During an early run last week my soleus muscle (outside calf) started getting that familiar ache. I didn't run the rest of the week thinking it would be okay in a few days. Went for a run yesterday and had to cut it at 5 miles. By the end both were aching. Iced them down, but made it hard to even walk on them within an hour. That puts me out of running for at least 3 weeks. About the same time as the Evansville Triathlon. Hopefully I can get through that. Guess I'll try to rehab them the best I can. July has been a bit tough on me this year.

Mind Versus Body 7/19/2010

The Mind Set the alarm clock for 5:50 AM I'll be up and at it then Go for an early run then later a swim The Body Alarms going off, and I need more rest the Mind wants to put me to the test I show him that this bed I like the best The Mind Come body lets get up and run Will meet Joe and the others, it will be fun If we get up early we can avoid the sun The Body Only 7 hours of sleep I need more You worked me hard yesterday and this bed I adore The Compromise 30 minutes of sleep on that we can agree I can still ride to work with some breakfast in me then maybe tomorrow we will see ...