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Reading Rob Dreher & Haiti

Just in the last couple of weeks I started reading a column by Rob Dreher.  Most of his articles of late has to do with how to live an “orthodox Christian” life in the modern world.  Today’s article was related, but a bit different.  This one is on a 9 foot tall   statue  of   Satan  unveiled in   Detroit this past weekend.  Rob mentions specifically his previous cab rides with native Haitian drivers who brought up the very real threat of the occult in the form of Voodoo in Haiti.  Having experience Haiti on a number of occasions, and seen the effects of voodoo myself, I know exactly of what he speaks. Here is a link to the Rob’s article All I can say is I feel for the innocent people of Detroit who have put up with way too many bad things in the last decade.  If this is a harbinger of Detroit’s future even worse days are ahead. If you want to witness a work changing the world visit Mountain Top Ministries