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My thoughts for you today

Woke up thinking this morning which is good.  Sometimes I have little such thoughts, and just try to make it through the day without falling down, or doing something stupid in public. Can you relate? My thought to share with you this day is what we are all really here for.  on this earth, at this time for one combination of two things.  To worship God and to help build a great society. Yes, simple as that sounds is your purpose today, and everyday. Think about it, the world, this earth, your home town needs you to do good things. Start with this basic logic.  If I believe in God, and I know it is a big step, then I will be called to account when this life is over.  If I don't then what I do on this earth, with my life means nothing. The logic behind this is at the core of what we think and become. Secondly everyone around me is depending on me to be good. How so you ask?  Do you want to send you kids to school with people who have not determined to be good?  Do you need tha

TH Triathlon 2014, why yes it was a bit cold

This was my 2nd race of the year, and a bit opposite weather of the 1st at St. Pete Florida.  Water temp was low 60’s, but the air temp was low 40’s.  Everyone asking me how I was going to swim in the cold water, but I knew that would be easy.  With a good wetsuit, and plenty of practice swimming in those conditions I was well prepared.  I knew the tough part would be cycling in the cold and dripping wet.  I started the swim next to Adam Martin with Greg, Tyler and Brandon Lucas right behind us.  Not the best form the first 200 yards in, but it got better after I settled down and got a bit more focus going.  I think my navigation of the course was very good, and didn't have any real issues until getting into a crowd the last few hundred yards.  I came out of the ½ mile swim in 14:17 which is about what I expected.  Running as fast as I could in bare feet that were quite numb from the cool water I made a good first transition to the bike.  Thanks Ryan Oiler for the transition

Saint Anthony’s Triathlon as it Happened

One of my big goals for 2014 triathlon season was to start the year off big.  I've wanted to race at Saint Anthony’s for years, and decided late last year that 2014 would be it.  My sister Jane lives 35 minutes away, and my brother Steve not much further.  No more excuse needed. Flew in several days early to welcome some warmer temps, and have some relaxing time with my sisters and brother.  Got in some practice swimming at Holmes Beach, which was my father’s favorite vacation spot and one of mine as well.  Need a bit of practice when open water swimming in Indiana is unheard of till at least mid-May.  The only reason I have avoided this particular race so far. My sister Jane and I went over on Saturday for packet pickup and drop the bike in my transition spot, number 1004.  Took a good look at the swim course then headed out for a nice dinner with the family.  Jane, Sandy and Steve all decided to come with me for the race even though we had to leave at 5:15 a.m. that mo